Advancing the foundational study of physical,technological, natural and abstract systemsthrough the paradigm of computation

About Us

The Wolfram Institute is a nonprofit research organization created to accelerate the development of breakthrough methods in the study of pure computation and its modeling applications.

Initiated during a period of unrivaled scientific invention catalyzed by the Wolfram Physics Project, the Institute was founded to deliver new results, theories and functionality that identify global laws in real-world systems; expand the study of computational behavior; and build models that address fundamental questions with enhanced explanatory reach.

The Institute is committed to improving the value of science, with particular focus placed on the fundamental, societal and institutional value of science.

We strive to create fundamental value by designing models from computational foundations that explain the origination of observable behavior in programmatic systems.

We aim to improve the societal value by building a vibrant community and practicing open science. Over the longer term, we intend to raise the institutional value of science by researching and inventing new technological solutions in areas such as publishing, monetization and education that make it easier for scientific institutions to generate and share value.

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