Advancing the foundational study of physical,technological, natural and abstract systemsthrough the paradigm of computation

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  • Research Fellowships

    As the Institute continues to grow, we continue to search for new talent. We offer fully-funded, one-year fellowships to scientists with a demonstrated track record in multicomputational research who are seeking to make bold contributions to our projects. Institute fellows can work in many areas, including physics, metamathematics, molecular computing, and economics.

  • Adjunct Scholars

    Professional scientists with positions at other institutions (e.g. companies, laboratories, universities, nonprofits, think-tanks, FFRDCs) who are interested in the Institute are welcome to apply to collaborate voluntarily with us as Adjunct Scholars.

  • Wolfram Summer School

    Aspiring applicants wishing to hone their skills are encouraged to apply for the Wolfram Summer School and/or Wolfram Winter School, which provides students with the opportunity to, within an intensive research setting, produce individual projects under the mentorship of Stephen Wolfram and the Institute team.

    For further information, visit the Wolfram Summer School webpage.

  • Wolfram High School Summer Camp & Related Programs

    Minors seeking to cultivate abilities in computational thinking, multicomputation, ruliology, and other research practices relevant to the methods and projects championed at the Institute are invited to consider a number of programs, including the Wolfram High School Summer Camp, Wolfram Middle School Summer Camp, and the Wolfram Emerging Leaders Program (WELP).

    For further information, visit the Wolfram Summer Camp , Wolfram Middle School Summer Camp, and WELP webpages.

For those interested in applying, please contact us