Advancing the foundational study of physical,technological, natural and abstract systemsthrough the paradigm of computation

Our Team

As we continue to welcome fellows and collaborators into our orbit, please refer to this page for updates.

  • Stephen Wolfram


  • James Douglas Boyd

    Cofounder, CEO

Affiliated Organizations

  • Centre for Applied Compositionality

    Cardiff University

    Director: Jonathan Gorard

Research Fellows

  • Xerxes Arsiwalla

    Fourmilab Physics Fellow

  • Łukasz Majsiak

    Fourmilab Metamathematics Fellow

  • Nikolay Murzin

    Fourmilab Physics Fellow

  • Carlos Zapata-Carratalá

    Fourmilab Metamathematics Fellow


  • Gregory Chaitin

  • Thomas Dullien

  • Bob Metcalfe

  • Philip Rosedale

  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Distinguished Scientists

  • Taliesin Beynon

  • Hatem Elshatlawy